Utilizing SEO Strategy: Ground for Your Site

Whew! Christmas is really in the air. I want to stroll down the shopping malls to purchase some Christmas decorations and fill in my eyes to see new things. But while doing this, there’s one thing popping out in my mind – my blog account for the BUSBY SEO CONTEST, avec plaisir, my entry! Of course, as all of my co-participants don’t want to be enlisted down the Google analytics, so therefore I need to do my own strategy to reach my primary goal – and that’s to lead the contest.

Probably, I am so excited upon knowing that I’ve got my entry alive and making my effort seems surprising. But it doesn’t mean I am contented by that kind of Google position. Definitely, I want more than that!

SEO is popular acronym of Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the method of attaining perspective page rank of a certain website with its increasing volume and the worthy traffic through numbers of optimization strategies as such link building. SEO is essential for it will help the site reaches the first page of any search engines in such it will be viewed mostly of course with the proper keywords being encrypted on the program of your website.

Ideally SEO is being hired to conduct to heighten the position of a particular web site to reach the projected clients and audiences by acquiring indispensable page rank or maybe higher than your contenders. Of course with the proven SEO strategies and skills added with the proficiency to understand different logical criteria of any search engines can be an advantage for those SEO practitioners.

Likewise, website structure and layout, information distribution within the site – its interconnectivity and consistency of details in every webpage, the essential keywords for your sites should be properly utilized, and the popularity of linking your website to another website are ways I am implementing for my blogspot to reach the top. BUSBY SEO contest opens the door for those ambitious SEO dreamers to acquaint themselves, to learn more conducive to be better for SEO strategies, and to fill in the excitement and challenge to lead.

Good luck to all participants of BUSBY SEO Contest.

Busby SEO Test Stands Up Against Cancer!

Many people around the world, most especially women, are suffering from the nightmares of breast cancer. It has caused deaths to over 500,000 people in 2005 including the trauma that it brought the families and the surviving victims. Breast cancer is a destructive cell that starts in the breast of either a man or a woman. With all the fatal cancer families, breast cancer is the second most common where lung cancer is the first.

Millions of people have been inflicted with breast cancer, even celebrities such as Sheryl Crow and Kylie Minogue have suffered the same. This cancer can either be caused by carcinogenic substances, radiation, or heredity.

In 2007, the Entertainment Industry Foundation has organized the Stand Up to Cancer program where they have made a difference in spreading awareness, education, and help to people around the world. This 2008, the same organization has made all the selected female song artists to make a record which was sang in a concert to encourage each person to make their move in the fight for breast cancer through donations and other kinds of assistance. The program has become successful and now here in the Busby SEO Test page, you can view the lyrics of the song. As a Busby SEO Test writer, I am giving my support to the fight against breast cancer. Anyone here in the Busby SEO Test can be a victim, or it can be our mother, our sister, or any loved-ones. With the spread of information, especially here are Busby SEO Test, we can make a difference.

Celebrity Comments

Beyonce: The heart is stronger than you think
It’s like it can go through anything
And even when you think it can’t it finds a way to still push on, though

Carrie: Sometimes you want to run away
Ain’t got the patience for the pain
And if you don’t believe it look into
your heart the beat goes on

Rihanna: I’m tellin’ you that
Miley:Things get better through whatever
Rihanna:If you fall, dust it off, don’t let up

Sheryl: Don’t you know you can go be your own miracle

Beyonce: You need to know

Sheryl: If the mind keeps thinking you’ve had enough
But the heart keeps telling you don’t give up

Sheryl/Beyonce: Who are we to be
questioning, wondering what is what
Don’t give up

Fergie: It’s like we all have better days
Problems getting all up in your face

Leona: Just because you go through it

Fergie: Don’t mean it got to take control, no

Leona: You ain’t gotta find no hiding place

Keyshia: Because the heart can beat the hate

Leona: Don’t wanna let your mind keep playin’ you

Keyshia: And sayin’ you can’t go on

Rihanna: I’m tellin’ you that

Miley: Things get better
Through whatever

Rihanna: If you fall

Miley: Dust if off, don’t let up

LeAnn: Don’t you know you

Natasha: Can go

LeAnn: Be your own

Natasha: Miracle

Carrie: You need to know

Ensemble: (CHORUS)
All:If the mind keeps thinking you’ve had enough
Melissa:oh,i've had enough All:But the heart keeps telling you don’t give up
Melissa:no,don't you give up All:Who are we to be
questioning, wondering what is what
Don’t give up
Melissa:Don't give up,just stand up All:Through it all,just stand up Melissa:Just stand up All:THROUGH IT ALL, JUST STAND UP!

Mary: You don’t gotta be a prisoner in your mind

Ciara: If you fall, dust it off

Mary: You can live your life

Rihanna/Carrie: Yeah

Mary: Let your heart be your guide

Rihanna/Carrie: Yeah yeah yeah

Mariah: And you will know that you’re good if you trust in the good

Ashanti: Everything will be alright, yeah
Light up the dark, if you follow your heart

Mary: And it will get better

Mariah: Through whatever

If the mind keeps thinking you’ve had enough
But the heart keeps telling you don’t give up
Who are we to be
questioning, wondering what is what
Don’t give up

If the mind keeps thinking you’ve had enough
But the heart keeps telling you don’t give up
Who are we to be
questioning, wondering what is what
Don’t give up

Fergie: You got it in you, find it within
You got in now, find it within now
You got in you, find it within
You got in now, find it within now
You got in you, find it within
Find it within you, find it within

Busby SEO Test: I Caught a Virus!

Last Tuesday while I was working on some writing jobs, my nose suddenly itched a bit. Well, I just ignored it maybe it was just some kind of allergy. Until at the end of the day I started sneezing and my eyes started to become watery. Ewww…I think I caught a virus!

When I got home I started to sneeze more and my nose was clogged with mucus…I got colds. I had to take medicine so that I will be better on Wednesday. So that night, I have taken two doses of Neozep and finally got into bed. I was not planning to absent tomorrow because I have a lot of work to do, also thinking about the Busby SEO Test.

I wasn’t able to sleep that night but I already expected it. That is what I hate with having colds that is why I don’t want to have this kind of ailment. Colds can really make me uncomfortable at night and it gave me bad dreams also. I wasn’t able to sleep continuously and so I had to go and unload my nose every now and then. At morning I was really nauseous and I felt like I really got high with a downer. So at morning I took another medicine and texted my co-writer to excuse me. It was funny coz he was still sick too that time. So I had to text the other officemate and finally had an excuse. I took a rest and I slept…but still thinking about the Busby SEO Test. I spent the whole day with rest, sleep, and a lot of medicine and juices. At night, my colds have invited her cousin—cough.

Before sleeping yesterday, I took some doses of Phenylpropanolomine and slept. I woke up at 6am today and felt a little better with my colds except for the cough. I went to the drugstore and bought some tissue and finally go to work because I can’t afford to take another leave.

This morning as I am working on the Busby SEO Test, I hope it will be better now. Good thing that my other sick officemate was already well. At least our computers never caught viruses…and my own viruses are now leaving the premises of my nose and throat!

Look what's he drawing

Mornings with Busby SEO Test

I woke up to a beautiful morning and then brushed my teeth. I watched a part of the X-men 3 movie on my DVD to check out for the costume of some of the heroes including Angel and Wolverine. I was thinking of a costume on our upcoming costume party on the 31st. After a 15-minute fast movie viewing, I have to skip my breakfast and get ready to go to work. I took a cold bath to awaken myself coz I felt like I’m still half-asleep. After that refreshing bath, I changed clothes and hurried up to the tricycle bay.

At work, I was a bit early today better than the usual. I was surprised that one of the computer racks was moved to a place somewhere outside. So I tilted my own computer rack to avoid the heat coming from the back of the computer on my right side. That was some kind of relief at least today.

As I sat down I listened to some music and after that, prepared for my writing jobs today. Another thing that came to my mind is the Busby SEO Test that we have started working on. I was always enthusiastic about the work though last Saturday I missed doing something for the Busby SEO Test. Well, we were just starting.

With all the days’ work today, I’m looking forward to be early later and by the way, I’m going to wash the dishes after lunch today so how about that?! It was really fun working with my officemates and the whole team. I think that’s it for now for the whole work and the SEO Busby Test.

Day 2: More Exciting Busby SEO Test

This has been the second day of developing the plans in optimization and the excitement grows more and more.

The Busby SEO Test can be one of the most exciting games on the Internet for the SEO teams worldwide. Since the Busby SEO Test is a healthy competition to everyone, it could also help the aspiring search engine optimizers to get inspiration from different teams especially the ones on the top ranks. There could be no other challenging work than to work for a challenging competition.

As a part of the team, I am looking forward to see our site soar to at least within the top ten spot in a few days and see our site go to the highest spot one step at a time. Right now, we are doing our best and we are setting our goals up to the end of the Busby SEO Test competition. We are making it a habit to evaluate ourselves on how well we are doing everyday in our optimization process to see our weak points and our strong points in this Busby SEO Test competition.

Tomorrow will be another day of SEO work not only in this competition but this work is already part of our lives. That is why success in this field has always been our primary goal.