Busby SEO Test: I Caught a Virus!

Last Tuesday while I was working on some writing jobs, my nose suddenly itched a bit. Well, I just ignored it maybe it was just some kind of allergy. Until at the end of the day I started sneezing and my eyes started to become watery. Ewww…I think I caught a virus!

When I got home I started to sneeze more and my nose was clogged with mucus…I got colds. I had to take medicine so that I will be better on Wednesday. So that night, I have taken two doses of Neozep and finally got into bed. I was not planning to absent tomorrow because I have a lot of work to do, also thinking about the Busby SEO Test.

I wasn’t able to sleep that night but I already expected it. That is what I hate with having colds that is why I don’t want to have this kind of ailment. Colds can really make me uncomfortable at night and it gave me bad dreams also. I wasn’t able to sleep continuously and so I had to go and unload my nose every now and then. At morning I was really nauseous and I felt like I really got high with a downer. So at morning I took another medicine and texted my co-writer to excuse me. It was funny coz he was still sick too that time. So I had to text the other officemate and finally had an excuse. I took a rest and I slept…but still thinking about the Busby SEO Test. I spent the whole day with rest, sleep, and a lot of medicine and juices. At night, my colds have invited her cousin—cough.

Before sleeping yesterday, I took some doses of Phenylpropanolomine and slept. I woke up at 6am today and felt a little better with my colds except for the cough. I went to the drugstore and bought some tissue and finally go to work because I can’t afford to take another leave.

This morning as I am working on the Busby SEO Test, I hope it will be better now. Good thing that my other sick officemate was already well. At least our computers never caught viruses…and my own viruses are now leaving the premises of my nose and throat!