Mornings with Busby SEO Test

I woke up to a beautiful morning and then brushed my teeth. I watched a part of the X-men 3 movie on my DVD to check out for the costume of some of the heroes including Angel and Wolverine. I was thinking of a costume on our upcoming costume party on the 31st. After a 15-minute fast movie viewing, I have to skip my breakfast and get ready to go to work. I took a cold bath to awaken myself coz I felt like I’m still half-asleep. After that refreshing bath, I changed clothes and hurried up to the tricycle bay.

At work, I was a bit early today better than the usual. I was surprised that one of the computer racks was moved to a place somewhere outside. So I tilted my own computer rack to avoid the heat coming from the back of the computer on my right side. That was some kind of relief at least today.

As I sat down I listened to some music and after that, prepared for my writing jobs today. Another thing that came to my mind is the Busby SEO Test that we have started working on. I was always enthusiastic about the work though last Saturday I missed doing something for the Busby SEO Test. Well, we were just starting.

With all the days’ work today, I’m looking forward to be early later and by the way, I’m going to wash the dishes after lunch today so how about that?! It was really fun working with my officemates and the whole team. I think that’s it for now for the whole work and the SEO Busby Test.


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